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Sourcing and Roasting: A Tale of Sustainability and Ethics

5th April 2024

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Our journey begins amidst the hills of Southern India. Here, among the dense forests of eucalyptus, cypress, and acacia, coffee cherries thrive alongside a rich tapestry of flora and fauna. Elephants roam freely, while cardamom, chilli, and lemon trees add depth to the coffee’s flavour profile. It’s this that gives our coffee its distinctive character and nuanced flavours.

Tate Roastery

Once our beans arrive in London, they are roasted at the Tate Roastery on Millbank. Led by a team of highly-skilled roasters, each batch of coffee is roasted to the highest standard. Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond the roasting process. From recyclable Kraft paper bags to compostable sugar cane labels, every aspect of the packaging reflects a commitment to minimising environmental impact.

Gender Equality

Central to Tate Roastery’s ethos is the Gender Equality Coffee Project, a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering gender equality within coffee-producing communities. By championing female coffee producers and family farmers, Tate Roastery seeks to empower women and ensure equitable representation throughout the supply chain.

Art & Sustainability: A Shared Vision

As part of Tate Eats, all profits generated by the roastery are donated to the gallery, further supporting its mission to promote art and cultural enrichment. Thus, by drinking LGC, you not only enjoy great coffee but also contribute to the preservation of art and sustainability initiatives.

Do Good & Drink Good Coffee

Together with the Tate Roastery, we are attempting to shed some light on the importance of ethical sourcing, sustainability, and innovation within the coffee industry. So, the next time you enjoy a cup of our coffee, remember you’re not just enjoying a coffee; you’re supporting a movement towards a more equitable and sustainable future for the coffee industry.

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