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Espresso 2.0

12th September 2023

Here at LGC, we’re constantly striving to expand and improve our coffee offerings. Without this drive, any coffee company could risk stagnation. We don’t only want to bring you fantastic, ethically sourced Indian coffee, but we want to bring you the best Indian coffee there is! 

Our Tokenhouse blend is the suave classic LGC blend. It’s the humble yet unnervingly consistent bean, with notes of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut, that we would never tamper with. It’s the one we pulled shots of espresso from in our cafes. 

Albion, is similar to Tokenhouse, however has added subtle notes of cherry and vanilla. We think this blend thrives as a filter, so one can curiously detect these subtle added flavour notes.

Espresso 2.0

Our Espresso blend is roasted a little darker, and is mixed with a lovely rich Robusta to give it an extra kick and a spectacular warm, truly divine flavour. It’ll certainly help you wake up on a drab September morning.

The mention of Robusta may have been a cause for concern. Oftentimes, coffee lovers sneer at Robusta. They think it’s just commodity trade level coffee, which is oftentimes burnt and overpowering. 

We’ve always liked the Robusta we’ve used in our espresso blend, however, in our strive to constantly improve all our blends, we’re very excited to announce we are now using a lovely Robusta from the Sethuraman Estate in Magundi. This family run estate sits 900m above sea level and is very ethical and eco friendly, growing organic coffee and opting not to use glyphosate.

We love how this exciting new Robusta works in our Espresso blend. Although we’ve always liked our Espresso, we think this new Robusta takes it from a good, to a truly great blend. Therefore, with this exciting update, there’s never been a better time to try our Espresso blend. Why not try the new and improved blend for yourself?

Furthermore, although we are still in the development stages, we are testing out many different, fantastic, and exciting beans from India. We are toying with the idea of rejuvenating our Albion blend. Although we love it, having seen the improvement the new Robusta has created in our Espresso blend, we are intrigued by the possibility of further elevating Albion. We are also looking at creating new blends altogether to expand our offering.

So these are exciting times here at LGC. Keep your eyes peeled. And remember, you can order our coffee 24/7 on our website! As ever, thank you for your continued support.

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