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How to Brew Guide

Making a cup of coffee can be a pleasure, a ritual to enjoy, a space in a day for yourself, or to share with friends or colleagues. A ritual that is improved with beautiful brewing equipment, delicious coffee beans and a little knowledge. Below are three short films which  show you how to get the best from each brewing method.

How to Brew Cafetière Coffee

– Rinse your cafetière with water from a just-boiled kettle to warm the glass.

– Put 30g ground coffee into the cafetière and pour over 500ml freshly-boiled filtered water. Stir gently to break up the crust and mix coffee and water.

– Leave the cafetière for four minutes to steep.

– Put on the lid and slowly depress the plunger.

– If you wish to increase coffee strength, increase the amount of coffee in increments of 2g. 32g will give you a discernibly stronger cup. Once you have nailed it, make note of it.

– Grind: Medium coarse

To download this guide as PDF click here.

How to Brew Filter Coffee

– Boil the kettle and let it stand for one minute after boiling.

– Place 30g of filter-ground (medium-coarse) coffee in the filter paper

– Pour 500ml water over the grounds in a steady pour, keeping the grounds covered with water throughout.

– Adjust the grind and coffee weight (eg 32g) to get the cup of coffee that brings the most pleasure.

Grind: Medium

To download this guide as PDF click here.

How to Brew Espresso Coffee

– If using an espresso machine, place 18g coffee ground for espresso (superfine) in the portafilter, which should be warm.

– Tamp the coffee into a compressed disc with an even, flat surface and no divots or craters.

– Run the machine pump for 28 – 32 seconds, to produce a 37g shot of espresso.

– Adjust the grind and pump time to achieve a perfect velvet, golden crema and long dark chocolate finish.

– Grind: Very fine

To download this guide as PDF click here.

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