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Introducing Roasters Choice

14th March 2024

Every day we’re faced with choices. Whether to enjoy a cake or a cookie. Whether to have a coffee or a tea. Whether to have a cappuccino or an Americano. You get the picture… choices surround and sometimes characterise our days.

Taking away the stress🌅

Whilst choice is by and large a luxury – sometimes it can all be a bit much. We feel especially so, in the world of specialty coffee. Lots of people just want a great coffee that tastes as such.

This is what gave birth to the idea of our exciting new offer, Roasters Choice. Instead of worrying about which of our lovely speciality South-Indian coffees to get – let us take away the stress and decide for you.

Enjoying your brew🤠

If you tend to like a certain type of coffee, just let us know in the notes section at checkout – we’ll keep our eyes peeled and find the perfect coffee for you! Or if you don’t yet know what you prefer, leave it to us!

Each order will come with an info card about your coffee – so you can learn a bit about where it’s from whilst you enjoy your brew. You’ll then know what to order next time 😉

Try something new🎲

So Roasters Choice is for anyone who isn’t quite sure what they are after or for those who fancy rolling the dice and trying something new…

10% discount

The incredible news is not over yet however. Use the code ‘RC10’ at checkout on our site to save 10% – whether you order Roasters Choice or not! The code is valid until 30/3/24 – so act fast to not miss out!

Many thanks as ever for reading and for your continued support.

Team LGC

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