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Not Just Another Coffee Company…

26th July 2023

There are over 7,000 cafes and coffee shops in the UK alone. The field has seen a 4.2% growth in 2023 already. There’s many a cafe, and more and more are coming.

You only have to walk down virtually any street in the country and have a vast choice of places to get your coffee from, as you well know. This is hardly groundbreaking analysis as of yet.

You may be somewhat surprised to hear your (favourite) coffee company highlighting the vast array of other options. But in a way, I think the consideration of alternatives strengthens the very meaning of why we’re here, doing our thing. Trying to get you fantastic coffee in an ethical, sustainable and unpretentious way.

Quality Control

Firstly, so many of the options on the high street and online are run by big corporations with only one thing in mind, profit margins, oftentimes at the expense of the service and quality of coffee. At London Grade Coffee, we care deeply about putting the quality of our product first, to ensure that every single time you buy our beans, or get a drink from one of our cafe’s, that it is only the very best quality. This is what drives us. We will always put this before anything else.

Planet & People

Secondly, we are a people first and planet conscious brand. What does this even mean I hear you say? Just an empty platitude? But bear with me dear reader… We are a people first brand by ensuring that everyone along the line is treated and compensated fairly for their efforts. We pay above market rates to both our coffee farmers and baristas because we care about our people. We know that it’s important to treat people fairly and with respect.

And we’re planet conscious in the way we care deeply about the environment. Whether that’s by being plastic free and using compostable packaging, or by how the Nandanvan Estate (where our coffee is grown) exists in symbiosis with nature. The elephants on the estate roam freely, instead of being caged up behind fences. Although the elephants often eat up the bamboo rooves, we agree with the estate in that it is important to let the elephants roam free, as it is the wildlife that makes the land, and the land that makes our coffee. This deep level of reverence for the environment informs our very being as a company in everything we do.

South Indian

And finally, our coffee is all South Indian single origin coffee from the aforementioned estate in Tamil Nadu. Of course we may be the slightest bit biassed, but we strongly believe South Indian coffee is incredibly overlooked by many. Our Tokenhouse blend for example, which you’ll find on our website and in our cafe’s has notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut and cardamon, all the flavour notes we think makes a great coffee! But yet, South Indian coffee is hard to come by. So we’re proud to be able to bring it to you.

So, in conclusion, yeah, there’s lots of places you could get coffee from. But as I hope this small post highlights, we do things a bit differently and bring to you a coffee from a region which is often overlooked, yet tastes fantastic (if we say so ourselves). And this vast array of places you can get your coffee from makes us all the more grateful for your support. Thanks for being here and for helping us on our journey. We appreciate it more than words can say. With your support, we’ll continue with our mission to redefine what good coffee looks like, where it’s drunk, and how it’s served.

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