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13th October 2023

We’re very excited to be participating in ‘UK Coffee Week’, which is running from 16-22 October 2023!

UK Coffee week is not only a celebration of all things coffee, but is a fundraising campaign for the incredible organisation Project Waterfall, which strives to bring clean drinking water to the communities that grow the coffee we love.

The funds raised during the 2022 UK Coffee Week campaign supported Project Waterfall’s project in Berbere, Ethiopia, which will bring clean drinking water to 40,000 people. As per UNESCO, approximately 2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. And UK Coffee Week is striving to change that.

There isn’t a cause we could be more passionate about and excited to get behind. During the week, we will be giving 10% of the revenue from your website orders to the campaign. What’s more, if you use the code ‘COFFEEWEEK’, you’ll also get 10% off your order!

So mark your calendars and get ready to buy some coffee, make a saving AND do some good at the same time!

Team LGC

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