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The Staff Special

13th September 2022

Meet some of the unique characters that make LGC what it is, and get their great recommendations for what to order at LGC. 


Daniel is the General Manager of our Design Museum Café, and for him, its all about delicious pour over. Hot or cold, he loves a delicate, fruity number, perfectly extracted via a precise brewing routine. Daniel moonlights as ‘Crash comet’ a liquid drum and bass artist (or maybe he daylights at London Grade). He loves deliciously chill vibes, and brings them day after day to the DM.


Favourite Coffee: Ethiopian (medium roast)

Favourite Brew Method: Iced pourover

Top Tip: Get good quality ice for your iced coffees!


A supervisor at BV, Lewis is a spikey-haired ball of energy. His go to is a single macchiato with hazelnut syrup; a drink as sweet as him. With a great collection of tattoos, and a really huge stockpile of dad jokes, Lewis delights at every turn. 


Favourite Coffee: LGC South Indian (of course)

Favourite Brew Method: Espresso. In great quantities

Coffee Top Tip: Its all in the wiggle. 


Daniel’s right hand man at the Design Museum, Dee only started very recently, but is already an absolutely integral part of the operation! 

Favourite Coffee: Something washed and fruity

Favourite Brew Method: Pourover (for sure)

Coffee Top Tip: Be nice and always have a smile on your face 🙂



With us from the start, Ben is now moving on from London Grade. He however leaves you with his faves, and top tips, as a parting gift. 

Favourite Coffee: Colombian. Think

Favourite Brew Method: Aeropress

Coffee Top Tip: Do the Aeropress upside down, it lets you bloom!


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