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Introducing Atterbury, our Decaf

26th October 2023

Yes, you are not dreaming. London Grade Coffee now does decaf.

After hearing your requests, we spent many months sampling single origin decaffeinated coffees from all over the world in order to find the very best one to bring you.

We selected this delectable decaf from Colombia. It’s a washed sugarcane coffee, giving off notes of molasses, almond, and cherry cola. And like the rest of our coffee, it is roasted in small batches at the Tate, ensuring it meets our rigorously high standards. So although our decaf (Atterbury) is new, it maintains the same dedication to quality as all our offerings.

The beans undergo a meticulous sugarcane decaffeination process to retain the essence of the coffee while providing a cup that’s gentle on your caffeine intake (the decaffeination process removes 97% of the caffeine!). This way you can devour our coffee at any hour of the day, and not stress about losing any precious hours of sleep! In more ways than one, it’s the stuff dreams are made of. What’s more, it comes via the Red Association network, which empowers the communities which grow our coffee.

But that’s not all…

Our new decaf, Atterbury, is a versatile star. It thrives as an espresso, delivering a rich and nuanced experience. However, it also shines brilliantly in other brewing methods, allowing you to explore its full flavour spectrum, be it as a pour-over, French press, or any method you prefer.

Ready to give our new decaf roast, Atterbury, a go? Follow the link, where you’ll find this remarkable addition to our coffee family. It’s time to indulge in the beauty of decaf coffee without compromising on the quality and richness you’ve come to expect from LGC.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and here’s to countless moments of coffee enjoyment, no matter the time of day!

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